My girl friend broke up with me just because she want to become a nun (sister) ?

I have a wonderful relationship with my girlfriend, it has been 4 years of relationship, and we just celebrated our 4th anniversary yesterday, then she gave a heart attack by asking me to let her go.

Reason become she want to become a nun. She said she has lost interest in building a family with love one, she lost interest on world stuff, she said she never realize how far we have gone. and she said still struggling to let go of everything. and she said i am most dearly to her heart, that is why she is telling me, non of her family & friends know about this.

i am so shocked to hear this, she even plan to marry me and organise a family with 3 kids few months ago. now i really do not know what to do. i am hopeless. and for what i understand about her, she have been stress from work, and both our parent do not agreed with our relationship. i dont know is it the reason she want to excape from stressful lifestyle.

i am still not ready to let her go. heart broken, bleeding, pain, sad, disappointed, emotional... all come in once. anyone can assist me? what should i do?


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  • I think for starters you need to sit down and tell her how you feel and ask her why things have changed so sudden.

    But unfortunately you can't make her do something she doesn't want to, and I know it's hard to accept. The most you can do is talk to her


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  • She's asked you to let her go. She's been called to something deeper than personal fulfillment. It'll be hard for you, but you should do as she asks.

  • Just accept her wishes and move on...


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  • Try to imagine your (eventual) future life with someone religious enough to become a nun.


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