I contacted my ex. Is he interested to hear me out?

I texted him that I want to talk to him. He didn't say no, he said we'll talk later in the evening bc he's in college during the day. Is he interested to hear me out if he wants to talk?


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  • thatswhatleahsaid.files.wordpress.com/.../clingy.jpg he's your ex for a reason he needs to EXit form your life guys hate clingy needy girls take it from me I have 5 older brothers THEY ALL talk bad, made fun, call them name, insulted all the clingy girls who would contact them and you know what they're right it's our fault I think you should stop contact him like there's no more guys out there

    • I broke up with him. Not the other way around.
      I wanna fix that mistake

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  • It's a possibility. Maybe he misses you and wants to talk. Depends mainly on why you guys broke up. If it was his fault, then he may want you back. If it was your fault, then he may not want you back but wants to talk and hear your side.

    No promises though. Good luck.

  • If he didn't say no then he definitely has some level of interest. Just make sure your intentions are clear as to whatever it is you wanna talk to him about. Also, just remember, he's an ex for a reason. :)

    • Yeah I broke up with him bc he was ready for a commitment and I wasn't. Now I am.

    • Ok well that's different. As I said, just be clear with your intentions. Good luck!

    • Thanks!!

  • He will probably hear you out.


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