She broke up with me what should I do?

i was dating my girlfriend for two months and it turns out she's straight and that hurt because of who i am and my past i blamed myself for me being so bad she decided to be straight this is the first person I've cried over and I've had 4 good realationships before this but i just can't stop liking her i miss her i just feel so lost and lonely i came out to many people because i was comfortable with my girlfriend and how we can go through it together but now half my school knows and im left alone with my ex now straight.


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  • luv <3333

    Man-Identified girls are happy to use up our emotional and sexual labour when they need it and then go back to men. It's disgusting. It's happened so much to me, too... Honestly I have never really stopped hurting for those girls. I make excuses for them, I blame myself. Recovering takes some time.

    But you'll get through coming out without her, you don't need some other girl to pull through. And there are a lot of real good womyn-identified womyn out there who you'll meet who will want to stick w/ you and build community and who are worth spending your energy on <33 which is cheesy garbage to say, I know, but. Yeah.

    • wow thank you

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    • better than i thought but man did i cry i still miss her and can't stop thinking about things like that was cute why didn't she do that when we were dating and it gets really difficult

    • yeah <333 thats rough

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  • I know that sucks when you a lesbain like us and women do that. If you ever want to talk message me.

  • Just move on. Find someone who will be there 100%.


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