I want him back?

Long story please bear with me ♡

So my boyfriend of 19 months broke up with me on Monday. His reasons were that he needs to find himself and focus on school and he wants me to do the same. But early in our relationship I said that I don't want a boyfriend that smokes and when I spoke to him again on Monday he said he's been lying he's been smoking. I said that I would accept and deal with it but he said no he just needs to find himself be alone. But yesterday I spoke to him and I told him that my parents know about us and that his mother has been talking to me saying that he does love me and my he and I are meant to be. He held me in his arms and fixed my cardigan ( like he always did ) and he held me in his arms and whispered against me I love you so much and I will always love you but he needs to find himself so we looked in each others eyes for a few minutes and he moved me back and i said maybe we can try again not now but soon? And he said yeah soon and he held me again and I asked him not to say goodbye to me and he's like I'm not and i told him im waiting for him but he must not make me wait forever and he said that he won't. And then he squeezed my hands and said i love you and i said i love you too and i kissed his cheek and walked away.

I really just want him back and i need him in my life how do i do that? How do I do that? Does he love me? How do i make him want me back?

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What Guys Said 1

  • This whole I need to focus on other things is a bullshit excuse. It shouldn't matter how hard that other thing is, you shouldn't allow it to affect your relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend.


What Girls Said 1

  • 19 months? Lol is saying a year and a half too complicated?

    Get another boyfriend.


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