Does he still love me?

My ex and I broke up because we had several problems, then I got a new boyfriend (not gonna lie just two weeks after he and I were together) . My ex got really upset, he kept saying things like he loved me and it hurt him, and I got a new boyfriend so quickly, then he would contact me more and more often, make his presence known, he would message me , call me, then if my boyfriend was brought up he'd get really upset, soon I broke up with him, then a couple weeks after my ex messages me saying he only broke up with me because he did not want to hurt me and that he truly loves me, and that he has never cried over a girl before but he cried over me. He told me he's been depressed i asked why, then he told me how much he misses me, and how he thinks I'm the most beautiful girl he's been with, he also started talking about marriage, and many more personal questions, he asked if in the future I would consider marrying him. He said right now he can't have a relationship, but he would like it if I would wait for him, and that he wants me, (FYI he hasn't been with anyone else, since our breakup). Does he still love me? Should I give him another chance, I truly love him and I always have, I only gave the other boy a chance because my bestfriend told me to.


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  • well the way i see it if you guys truly love each other then you need to be willing to compromise this has been my view with a lot of my relationships even if they wanted an "equal" relationship you need to understand where each other comes from in your feelings it seems to me he still loves you


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  • Yeah girl. Give him a chance. Poor guy and poor you! You both deserve to be together. Good luck :)


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