Did he use me and leave me for someone else or am I paranoid?

My ex was the one who chased me and insisted that we should date because I seemed like a good girl and he wanted a serious relationship. At first I gently brushed him off becouse he was younger and we came from different cultures but he kept chasing me until I finally said yes. Things happened really fast.. He was all over me from date no1 and he updated his status to "in a relationship" on our third date. I thought this was weird and I told him that everything was happening too fast but I decided to give him a chance. He was very lovey-dovey at first and used to text me all the time and we had amazing sex. This "honeymoon" period lasted 1 month but soon, things started to go dowhill. He was all by his phone, he blew hot and cold, he had issues with money and blamed his 3 figure paying job and at times he could't even afford paying for petrol. He admitted to me that he had issues with his mum and that he had borrowed money from friends and he seemed ashamed of it. Then we stopped having sex and he became very critical of my appearance and compared my style to other girls and bring me down and started fights with me out of nowhere and put the blame on me. I saw it coming but didn't want to accept it. My family learned all this and urged me to dump him but I didn't listen... Anyway he had found a second job as a barman in a beach bar (in an effort to cover his expenses) and just 1 week after that and 2 months of us being together in total, he said he didn't have any romantic feelings for me and that our supossed fights (which he started) made him second guess the relationship and that he didn't want to cheat on me and that we can be friends. 1 month after our break-up and after I blocked him from F. B, I found out he had found a 17-year-old schoolgirl and they are still together after 10 months and seem soo happy. Needless to say I was and I'm still devastated seeing him disregard me like that.. were these signs he left me for her? I'm trying to move on but it's so hard ;((


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