Awkward? Im pissed and hurt... I love him... what should I do?

long story & bear with me its pretty crazy... I meet this guy in October. We exchanged numbers and decided to chill a couple of days later. We then proceeded to continue contact-- HE INITIATED EVERYTHING. After some time (meeting family, friends, dates etc) I asked exactly where was this going. He proceeded to tell me we were dating by how things were going but! did mention he did not want a relationship at this moment (bad break up with 3 year gf) I give him space.
December comes and i go back home for winter break and he constantly facetimes acting sweet etc until a week i get back-- his younger brother is put in jail (he cried to me). I come back he starts making excuses why we can't go on dates anymore, he is too tired to do anything blah blah blah. I take all this in and stay there for him since he is going through a hard time. Mind you this guy has a low self esteem (talks about himself "im fat" "i need braces") this continues from Jan to March and it is a roller coaster of emotions. I find out that im pregnant after i lost the baby.
I tried to tell him but he didn't answer his phone. I decide to have a heart to heart with him. Trying not to be crazy and salvage anything i could. I ask for time and effort... Which he willingly agrees to (he doesn't know about the baby) then 30 min later when i ask why he doesn't let anyone get close to him he freaks. I end things that night he cries when I do. Come to find out he was fucking this girl he has been on and off fuck buddies for a long time (they dont date she is just a hoe). We have another talk about EVERYTHING and the only response and answer i got to his actions was "ni**a shit".. Angry and pissed i cut contact for weeks until i see him at my schools events. I hit him up and try to talk about it again but tells me he avoids me due to "he doesn't know what to say to me & the whole situation is awkward". Im pissed & hurt. I want answers. I fell in love & lost a baby and its crazy how he acts like im th


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  • Losing a child is hard and having someone dismiss it and blame their race for your pain and loss is even worse but my advice is that you let him go do something for the one you really lost and let that BOY live in shame (or not) revenge is better served cold. Do something nice (especially if you have proof of all this) like get a tattoo with what would have been the baby's due date, or buy the baby a star. Make it positive in one small way and a lot of things will fade. My ex and I lost a child while trying to make things work and we have matching angel wing tattoos.

    • This honestly made me tear up. Thank you... I've actually been thinking about getting another tattoo for my birthday. Its just a lot to take in... to be there for someone who just throws you to the side is heartbreaking.

    • Focus on you and stay away from punk ass hoodlums. A real man is out there waiting just for you and he will be GRATEFUL to even have the opportunity to be a part of your life.

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  • Tell him to stop watching porn and herd off.
    He is loosing all of his serotonin from his body, his insecurity and the fact he is making up reasons for not hanging out with you.


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