Why do exes (the dumpers) sometimes get back in touch after it all ends because of them?

So we met two years ago. After a night out. He was clubbing in town whereas i was in a nightspot in a different area but he happened to be coming to area where i was to stay at a friends. As he is from London an not from my city.

We hit it off, chatted for ages. Then we swapped bbm pins. He was sweet, seemed charming etc. He was immature at times an we did have one big argument when we dated but not loads. I fell for him quite quick. He said he loved me aswell.

Cus i didn't give sex i think i put him off an made him not feel like a man. An with women throwing themselves at him i think he let me go.

He dumped me on phone it was ldr. It hurt so badly. I didn't eat, i was depressed. Had a total breakdown. I was devastated. He knew this. We lost contact. Then this year march out of blue i get a facebook message saying my nickname 'shan... I thought huh wth . As he never called me that when we was together.

At first i was maddd. I said get lost loser. Then i said look no hard feelings past is the past. He said so you seeing anyone i said yeah. He said so you finally found love aye. i said yeah. I said how's your love life. He said yeah good, my girl's pregnant. It was a lie, he is type of person who has to go one up on someone. He was like u not having baby yet i said no.

He even said she's due June. He is such a liar so i was like ok congrats. Then he said so are you over me. Even
though i was seeing someone when he messaged an he said he has pregnant girlfriend, like wth right. I said yes. it's like he couldn't believe it. Then he was like so it wasn't love then. He called me bitter an made out like he had a massive affect on me.

Then said lets go for a meal for old times sake, when even wen we was together he didn't once take me anywhere. I declined saying we both taken, no point. Then said im bitter then. Even asked for my phone number an i said no point cus their wasn't one in my opinion. Then he gave one word replies. I believe he is single an thought he could get me back, realised what he used to have now he's sad or alone. Or nobody else wants him?


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  • Sometimes, people don't really appreciate what they have in a relationship until it's gone. It sounds like you have a better appreciation for his character flaws and he has a better appreciation for your strong points. Think about what a big mistake you could have made with him! You may need to tell him to lose your phone number and forget he ever knew you.

    • He doesn't have my number

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    • Denial! It's not just a river in Egypt!

      (If that doesn't make sense, say it out loud.)

    • Lol yh. thanks anyway for answering

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