I miss my boyfriend so much, I was so stupid to call it off. what do I do as he hasn't respond to my text?

I broke it off yesterday out of emotions and hormones. He accepted it and left the line of communication open. I then deleted him entirely off my social media (impulsively). Today I texted him that I wanna talk, it has been about 3 hours passed and I have yet to hear from him.

I hope there's still chance to reconciliate.


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  • 3 hrs r a little time 2 tell... maybe he hasn't seen it yet... w8 a little bit more basically...;-)


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  • I'm guessing this is not the first time you've done this? In general i mean...

    Honestly, if he's not really upset about it, I wouldn't bother. If you really feel like you've really made a mistake, yeah sure, let him know you messed up and see what he says... but if he's still like nah, then I'd accept it.

    You can cry and beg or w. e. and get him back by using those methods *emotions/hormones*, or let him choose out of his own free will.

    One one of those choices lower the risk of you two breaking up again...

    • he finally responded and said "About what"

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    • ummmm... I don't think that's a good idea :(

    • Ummm, then you know exactly what he's going to say.
      You wanted an answer, that will give you an honest answer. It's honest and to the point.
      Not whether it is the answer you want is a different story, in which case, you should accept it- seeing as you can't force anyone to be with you if not out of their own free will- and move on.

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  • Let him cool down, you call it off right? It hurts a lot..


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