What to do with my ex girlfriend?

My ex girlfriend dumped me about a month and a half ago. A few weeeks ago she phoned me asking to meet up and talk. She said she wanted to talk to me about a few things so we agreed on a meeting date for today. I went to bed last night not feeling to great but woke up with a massive head cold. I was still going to go but my mom was like your going to want to see her looking your best not sick as a dog. So I phoned her saying I can't come meet up, really not feeling great. At first she was like I can come to your place, but told her not a good idea. I dont want to see her looking like this and if she came over when my parents got back from wherever they went it would look very strange. Then she starts accusing me of being out last night because she saw my friends snapchats with me in it. I told her ya because I wasn't feeling horrible yesterday, and she's like you can't be that sick in one day to not come see me. Then she starts telling me how both arrangments we've made I cannceled on her. The last one I told her a few days in advance that I was helping my neighbour move into his new house. Which is why we aranged todays meet up. I told her I was sorry but I can't control when I'm sick
( you can clearly hear that my nose is stuffed). She ends up saying not everyone can work their schedual around me. Then she says we all can't lay around at home doing nothing all day. She knows I'm done school and dont start woirk till June. It was just so sassy, I was like gotta go. Then she phones me 20 mins later leaving a voicemail cuz I didn't pick up, saying she's sorry for what she said but she's frustrated. She just wants to meet up and be on good terms, She saiys she misses me and wants to be my friend. I dont want to be her friend, I still love her (sadly i think sometimes) and may want to be with her in the future. She asked me to call her back but I really dont know what to say... I kinda know where she's coming from being frustrated but she the one who dumped me 1st?


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  • The friends after relationship isn't for everyone. It's amazing how some people really believe that a healthy friendship can thrive when someone dumps you for whatever reason. Especially when one still likes/loves the other. Personally I don't think a friendship is a good idea unless you've both moved on from eachother Cause there's no resentment or bad feelings anymore

  • Dont go in the friends zone.. if u dont wana loose her.. just straight forwardly tell her u love her.. and then start giving her the silent treatment..


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