Why does my ex boyfriend still act so resentful towards me after a year?

So my ex broke up with me after a year around a year ago as he had some personal issues to deal with (jealousy etc). We share many mutual friends and both live in a small town so I bump into him every so often now when I am out with friends.

During the past year he has been very up and down with how he has acted towards me. We kissed around 6 months ago and he told me he loved me etc then ended up asking for sex, I refused. Before this he really hurt me by sleeping with another girl in the same house as me when we were at a friends and just generally had no regards to my feelings after the break up. When I confronted him about this he denied it, when I obviously knew it happened. I know I was stupid for kissing him but I felt hurt and confused at the time. A few months later I ended up kissing his friend when we were drunk (not intentionally to hurt him) I asked his friend not to tell him because I didn't want to upset him and it's really none of his business but he did anyway. My ex then got really jealous etc and started calling me names and saying how he wanted to 'hit' me (we were both quite drunk at this point).

Ever since then whenever I see him he either completely disregards me or starts touching up/flirting with other girls when he knows I'm there. He acts very resentful and disgusted towards me like he can't stand me.

I know it's a bit of a stupid question as I kissed his friend but surely he knows he has done stuff in the past to hurt me also? Just don't get why he can't put it behind him and be civil towards me as we share many mutual friends and it's awkward whenever I see him. I don't understand why he is acting like the victim like he hasn't done anything wrong at all when he has hurt me a lot in the past year? I know I should forget about it but it's starting to irritate me as I see him quite often and would rather just get over it and be civil.

Thanks in advance!


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  • He's immature. Avoid him.


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