My ex just got me in so much trouble and I don't know what to do... what should I do?

I was trying to steal back because I love him so much but he was being an ass and snitched on me now my parents hate me and my friends don't love me anymore. And now I can't play my music anymore I'm all alone and sorrowful I hate him or should I really though? He apologized but I'm in trouble forever. My mom stopped talking to me basically and now my dad HATES me... someone please tell me what to do...
Ok he snitched on me as in told that I was talking to him and shit. I wanted him back and this bipolar ass idiot wanted me to take him back but the dumbass went to far and texted my mom and got me grounded for a year... he's so odd but I love him yet i wanna rip his throat out too... basically I'm not allowed to date he is almost 17 and I'm 14


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  • who... how's that possible? how can yer parents hate u coz this guy dumped u?

    hope it's not permanent...


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  • what did you do, I can't answer more details please.


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  • Snitched on you how?

    • Told I was dating him... well in this case trying to get back with him... he basically made me seem like a stalker

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