Is it wrong that I feel guilty for breaking up with bf?

We dated for 10 months and he recently told me he will probably move to another state very far from me. And he's moving not because he got a job there or there's anything there. He's moving cause he has friends there and he's not happy where he is now. He didn't even try to achieve anything where he lives right now, it's like he just likes to escape when things aren't going his way. Well i got upset because he doesn't even care about me if he's moving for no reason at all and i said we should stop seeing eachother. He wants to move in 3 months but isn't sure about it yet but the idea that he even wants to move reallyyyyyy hurt me:(Now i feel guilt cause he's not sure if he's moving yet and we couldve still hung out till then but i have feelings for him and if he moves i'll be even more heart broken than i am now. I can't stop crying and feel awful. Did i make the right descision? When told him its best we dont hang out he just said ok. I think you're right. His response also hurt me :(


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  • What he has said to you, without using these words, is, "I don't care enough about you for that to make me want to stay!" You thought you were more important to him and you found out your were wrong. That's like saying everything that happened the past 10 months was a lie. That hurts horribly and you did what you thought you should do to protect yourself from being hurt even more.


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  • you just did what you had to do the fact he is considering to move to another state is hurtful


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  • You did what you thought was best.


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