Confused about breakup decision ?

I have been with this girl for 4 years. I'm 27 now. We lived toghether in these years but I never saw the future toghether so I didn't get married to her. After two years a saw a photo of she and a guy kissing in my house, he sent it to me (maybe he blackmailed her). I also heard some rumors about another guy but I forgived her, she was a virgin when I met her. And we stayed another two years toghether. In this time I became very cold with her and even lost attraction. I also lost trust. She is also at a lower level intelectualy than me so we didn't had much interests toghether.

We started having a break from each other and after around a month I met a new girl and I broke up with her. She was devastated and I tried to confort her but all she wanted was to get back with me whatever I said. I felt very numb inside, I wanted to be alone.

Maybe I was a bit cold with this other girl too, now the old girlfriend hates me i think, after I rejected her and the new one suddently became colder

I think it's time for some single time, but I feel guilty somehow...
It's still hard... I feel so lost...
I miss her sometimes but I run from her instinctively, I don't know why, I fell like a jerk...


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  • Fuck! Im Lazy to read


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  • you shouldn't feel guilty, it wouldn't have lasted too long anyhow. If she is bringing guys into the home you guys live in TOGETHER

  • Kissing another guy in the pic. Leave this shit asap


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