Why does my ex boyfriend want to be friends after he broke up with me?

Me and my boyfriend broke up on Sunday and well it all started by me telling him that we have been talking less (my ex boyfriend is a busy guy, he's in a soccer club) during this time I know he has state championships so I know he's out doing his thing but I told him it was okay if he just sent me a good morning and goodnight message but he said he wanted to see me happy and that he couldn't give that to me and on top of that he said he was failing two of his classes (school and soccer are very important to him) he said he's trying to bring balance into his life and he wants to focus on school and soccer but then he said that he wanted to be friends and that I'll always have a special place in his heart (what does he mean by that? ) & well yea that's basically what happened :/ should I be friends with him & is there a chance me & him can get back together? & lastly why would he still want to be friends with me? 👀😩


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  • Probably would just wants to keep in touch. Would highly recommend against rekindling anything though.

    • How come?

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    • Not if you know what they were an fix them lol

      If you dunk your old underwear in Vanish and come out almost new, you'll wear them won't you?

    • And then have vanish pressed against my nuts all day? No thanks...

      If it was an easy fix, it wouldn't have been a break up. I've been through tons of issues in relationships that seemed big but got fixed. If it gets far enough to break up, it's a big enough issue to persist.

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  • You probably shouldn't be friends with him.


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