Will my ex ever contact me again?

He's recently gotten into a relationship with his ex, I assume it's because he's not getting enough sex and she was an easy candidate. We broke up about two/three months ago so I assume it's a rebound relationship, she's still in love with her ex too. He posts a lot of things on facebook and tags girls in them a lot, including his girlfriend so I think he's trying to rub it in my face - he rarely posted things on facebook when we were together.

I last spoke to him last month before he got into the relationship and before I started seeing a guy. He said he'd moved on and didn't have feelings for me anymore but I feel it was a lie to make me give up on him or just to hurt me. I knew he was having a hard time but it didn't seem as bad as me! I was that psycho ex for a while, I must admit. Not long after the break up, he said he may regret his decision but he'll deal with that at the time. After a couple weeks, he contact me fairly happy and neutrally and offered to meet up.

I've been hanging around with people he knows and I've been told he gets angry if someone jokes about me or makes jokes about our relationship, whilst I expected him to laugh along. He also asked his new friend about me seeing this guy he knows/hates, so he's obviously aware of what I'm doing and it seems to bother him that I was seeing that guy.

We were together two years; he said I was something special, I was his soulmate/the one, he wanted to spend his life with me etc. We broke up because he said he wasn't ready for commitment (now he's in a relationship?), I think he knew how serious we were and he wanted to sleep with other girls as he'd only slept with me. He's done that and admitted the sex wasn't good, he's been using girls and they've been saying negative things about him so he hasn't got a good reputation right now.

We spoke about trying again in the future, when he feels ready for commitment. I spoke about that when we were last talking and he refused to acknowledge it.
He didn't say no to trying again in the future or say it wouldn't happen.

I don't intend on contacting him any time soon, I've deleted his number too, but I'm wondering if you think he'll ever contact me again in the future. I'm not saying I'd try again with him, I'm dealing with the break up a lot better now and don't have the urge to contact him.

Do you think he's missing me or filling a void with that relationship? Do you think he'll contact me again in a few months?


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  • Sounds to me like he's made a big mistake and he knows it. I've been in a similar situation. He will come running back. Whether it's a month later or a year later he will and by that time I'm sure you will have moved on and be very happy. He made a wrong choice by letting you go

    • What makes you think he'll come running back and how sure of that are you?

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    • i think he does really care about you but he is confused about what he wants. and now that you're not there to talk to at night times and cuddle with, he's trying to replace you with someone else but it doesn't feel the same to him and thats why he gets mad when anyone talks about you, because he cares about you. i dont know if ur ex is like this but maybe he doesn't wanna show too much that he is upset so instead acts like he's moved on when really deep down he is still thinking of you

    • That does make sense. He does hide his feelings or ignore them and deal with them later. I wonder if he imagines his girlfriend is me when he's with her. I did that with the guy I saw unintentionally, I've never done that before and it hurt. I've never been so hooked on an ex until him, so it sucks when he doesn't seem to care. I hope he does think about me or miss me, or at least realise what he's lost one day and contact me. I have a feeling he'll contact me in the future. I went psycho ex when we broke up though, I begged for him and just went crazy with pain and I feel like I really pushed him away too far so I'm worried that he looks at me negatively because of that or he thinks he doesn't want anything to do with me because I'm crazy, but I just hope he remembers the good times, how I made him feel, how good we were together etc, instead of those crazy couple of months. :\

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