Can I get him back? He told me him and i are done forever he can't deal with my depression.

Alright long story here we go. Anthony and I started dating when i was 15 and he was 17, he moved we broken up whatever right. In between the past 5 years I've had a baby that died at birth. A few months after my son passed away anthony popped back up in my life. We got back together we fell in love hard and fast. We broke up for a day then got back together. I found out i suffer from a deep depression from the loss of my son. he's able to look past that, support me and love me. In February we decided to get n appartment together our home lives were awful so we both needed somewhere new. Everything was great we were never this good before. Untill last week. A bomb hit us. His car broke down, and i dont have one. We had to use some of the rent money to be able to fix it, then borrow money from my family to get through the month. On top of that he's been working like crazy, not getting a lot of sleep. I've been on an internship and only home on the. weekends. when i got home this. weekend he was different. I understand he's stressed but this. was really off. We got in a huge fight Sunday and he broke up with me. I had to leave to go back to my intern so i had no choice to stay home and. fix it. I gave him his space like im supposed to to, give him time to miss me. Untill yesterday his ex girlfriend comented on all his pictures on facebook. I broke down and confronted him about it. He told me their talking. here's the thing this girl cheated on him, she's married with 2 kids and had sex with his cousin. He told me him and i are done forever he can't deal with my dedepression. Why would he go back to her? Im going home tomorrow and im scared. How can i get him back. For good?


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  • that situation is to messed up. best thing for you is to move on and sort yourself out first. Put yourself first and look after yourself clearly you have a lot going so cut the ties and move on it will be worth it, you won't see it now but later on in life you will

    • I can't get out of the lease so what should i do

  • He is an idiot, you just helped him out by borrowing money from your family. Now he is running back to his ex that cheated on him with his cousin lol.
    You can't meet any new guys in a place where you doing an internship?


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