Should I end it with him?

We've been dating for 2 months, but honestly i dont feel like im in a relationship. We see each other about once a week.. as were both busy with school, work and other things. He's introduced me as his girlfriend to some of his friends that I met but other than that.. it doesn't seem like im in a relationship. We're each other's first relationship, and he said so himself that he is a "shy guy" that is not the type to make the first move and he said he'd be a bad boyfriend when i asked him if he liked me (this guy spent 5 months giving me rides home, asking to hang out, and kissed me at a party; so clearly he liked me to stick around that long). He isn't much of a texter, so usually it'll be me that will send a text every couple of days, and lately it has been me that has been making the plans that sparsely happen.

He works full time at a construction company, so it is pretty tiring and i also work and am taking some courses so it's not like i'm waiting around for him to talk to me or im constantly on his back to hang out. I'm quite the opposite of clingy. Regardless, he cancelled on me tonight for the second time saying he was too tired and im just frustrated as i was going to talk to him tonight to see where whatever we are was going. There is no effort on his part, and all my friends are saying to give him a chance, he's just new and inexperienced.. but so am i and i at least know better.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Why don't you just not break up with him few more months to know if he really loves you or not? Make sure you don't do anything in haste. Good luck :)

    • How can i even call this a relationship when we barely talk or see each other? This isn't what I was expecting, and like i know he's shy and inexperienced.. but i honestly dont think someone can be that clueless when it comes to dating... im better off being single. I just dont know how to bring it up. He doesn't even text me to check up on me..

    • Then there's no question of asking "Should I end it with him?" if you're so sure of your decision, there is no sense in making this post in the first

What Girls Said 1

  • thats how it is with my guy. i feel like its better for the guy to give us space then be super clingy sometimes too. its healthier.

    • but it just seems like he's not even there most of the time. how do you feel about your relationship?

    • honestly , it gets lonely sometimes but i like it how it is honestly until we decide to get serious right now its fine.

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