Cut off ties abruptly? How I can get him to trust me again? I just want to go back to being friends with him.

So, my ex boyfriend went through quite a bit of stuff about 2 1/2 months ago. He lost a lot of friends because they didn't want to deal with it but me and 1 or 2 good friends stuck with him and helped him through everything. Maybe two weeks after he had gotten everything sorted out he broke up with me out of nowhere. He also stopped talking to the other 2 friends. we had mutual friends but we avoid talking to each other when we can. The other two friends he became close with again after a month and apologised to. He told one of our friends that the reason he broke up with me is because of trust an that he built walls around himself and stuff and he just needs Time. He got close with his two friends though and not me. He still acts like he hates me. My friend says it's because I was closest and so he was scared but I really just want to understand why this would happen or how I can get him to trust me again because he and I were best friends practically attached at the hip and I just want to go back to being friends with him. He was the best friend I had and I miss him. Please help me understand? Thank you


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  • He has mental issues. He can't stay stable. I have same type of friends. What I do is just wait and then they come back, apologise and we reunite again.


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