I miss my now ex so bad! It's hurts everyday. Is it really too late with my now ex BF?

To make it short: I broke up with him impulsively as I lost control of my emotions. The next day, I tried reaching out to him to apologize and this is what he said:

I tried. You said it yourself you want to be single. I feel terrible that everything came crashing so fast... But I knew something was wrong and was giving you space to cool off then you said you wanted things to end. So they did. I can't do that again or take the risk of it again... I am sorry.

I hope we at least keep in touch as friends, but you proved you didn't want that either


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  • How long has it been

    You should give him space to cool off before you reach out to him.

    All you can really do is apologise for acting like an ass, that you really regret your decision and want him back. But don't plead or beg. If he says no, go back to no contact and say "Hey that's a shame, if you change your mind get in contact see ya!"

    • You really think so? Do you think he will wonder if I do the no contact?

    • Probably will, everybody does.

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  • How long has it been?
    I suggest no contact for a while, people react like this sometimes but they come back. Could be temporary.

    • It's been about 4 days, but we've only dated 3 mo the. How long should I do the NC?

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