How messy or bad was your breakup people?

I am going through a very messy breakup just wanna know if someone else went thrrough the same.
And how you guys cope up with it?


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What Guys Said 1

  • just don't think about it. well some says always think of the person you break up with. it will make you hate him. then find a REAL friend who can be with you in whether in good or on bad times. that's what I think that can help you.


What Girls Said 1

  • Which one?
    The one where my ex best friend stole the guy.

    The one where this guy's wife called me. Cussed his bitch ass out. That was the most hilarious one though bc he called me a Yankee bitch lmao, I fell out laughing like I couldn't argue anymore I was laughing like who still says this shit

    Another guy like started dating this other girl, I didn't know we were broken up. But it's all good bc we're all still friends.
    There was another where this guy's baby-mama called me. Cussin her out and everything she's lucky her ass was in Philly I would've beat the shit outta her.

    There was the last guy I just blew up on him bc he was annoying and clingy as fuck but he still managed to be dickish about it.


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