How do I reverse the pain?

I started seeing a guy who has a Girlfriend. He has been my friend for the past 4 years and we dated Previously.
He told me he liked me etc and Wanted a future. He became distant.
I got angry about that. So I told his girlfriend what he has done. Had sex with me etc and told how much he hates her.
He is obviously upset for being busted. He thinks I'm crazy now. Probably am. How can I turn it around. I really love him? Will he ever forgive me?


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  • You can't I'm sorry.

  • You betrayed his trust really - dont think you will get it back.

    • He is the one with the Girlfriend. If I'm really that amazing he will get over it

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    • So he most likely used me?

    • No he probably did like you but now feels betrayed that you meddled in his relationship. Think how you might feel if you had a boyfriend and then met another guy you liked (maybe more). Well most people wouldn't cheat but assume you do. Then the new guy decides you should end things with your boyfriend so he goes and confronts your boyfriend and basically drops the bombshell. You have no say in when, where, and you now appear bad because your boyfriend didn't hear it from you.

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