Girls, why do we do this?

why do girls/guys always find a way to hurt the one who treats them right?
i mean that we can't just understand that the way that someone feels to another is the way that we feel in the understanding that if a guy is willing to change for you it is to make you happy ie. i am a heavy gamer now if i say i will play less games to be with you or give them up altogether that is a big thing


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  • It depends on what you're definition of "right".

    For instant what you perceived as treating someone right might differ for the other person.

    Example: The individual could be to a very nice person, always caring and there for the other whenever they need it. However the other person might see this as intrusive, annoyance, and clingy.

    As a result of miscommunication and misunderstanding of what the other person's needs and definition of "treating them right", it could be seen as the other person is intentionally hurting you for you're good deeds, when in fact you're ideal of treatment does not match up.

    Off course the best way to know why they did what they did, is to talk about the effect of their action and ask for their intent of that action.


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  • What do you mean? By not dating them? Because it doesn't matter how amazing I'm treated, if I can't sleep with you, it's not going beyond friendship.

    Sex is important in many romantic relationships and it would be important to me.

  • I don't know why I do most things! The only reason that would happen would because I don't find anything about them attractive!


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