Ex boyfriend can't get over our fights. I'm going to get therapy to fix my emotional issues. He still cares about me a lot. Can I win him back?

I have a lot of mental health and emotional issues that im trying to work on. I'm reading a self help book and going to see a psychiatrist in a couple weeks to go through therapy and hopefully get medication because I've wanted meds for years but never got to see a psychiatrist. We had a lot of fights because of my mood swings and inability to express my emotions in a healthy way. In hindsight this is very obvious to me. I'm going to work on this and im going to fix it. Do you think there's a way I can get him back eventually or is it too late? How much time do you think is enough? He said I can text him whenever so should I continue texting him through my therapy?


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  • I think you should drop the texting until your sessions are complete.

    think of it as emptying your cup, go into therapy with a clear mind.


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  • Oh yes, absolutely! If you do this for him, let him feel you'll put every effort into it because he's worth it :D
    Lots of respect for what you're doing. Thumbs up, you won't have a easy couple of months ahead but you WILL make it! Believe in yourself and go for it :D :D

  • Your therapist won't want you going through emotional crises during therapy... lif he is right for you, he will wait until you've gone through the therapy and have your head straight.

  • If you want to be an idiot sure get him baxk

    • 1 why does that make me an idiot? 2 im asking if it's possible not if I should

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    • I do want him back. My question wasn't if I should get him back though it was if there's a way. I'm not asking for advice on if I should go back to him. I'm asking if there's a way I can fix things.

    • But why would you wanna fix things nothing will change he'll still be an ex and nothing will change there's no point

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