Is he ever gonna come back?

So basically, I met this guy when he was in my country for work, but then he moved back to the US (his home country) 3 months after we started dating because his contract was over. It was all beautiful in the beginning, he fell in love with me and then I gradually did. But the thing is, he's just always busy, so damn busy that he forgot to give me time. It's not like I want him to leave out his life and be with me, but a healthy amount of time won't kill anybody. So, when he moved back to the U. S. he started leaving his phone for long periods of times, excusing with being busy with family, new job and all that. Each time there's a different excuse, and only this past week, we almost never spoke, and I would really feel sad about him not being around and not asking how I'm doing. So, I asked him if he doesn't want to do this anymore, or if there's anything wrong, but he would only give me excuses, and his very last one was his mom being in the hospital, about 2 days ago, and never heard from him again. So, yesterday, my niece passed away and he knows how much I loved that little girl, so I called him, but he never picked up, texted him and never got anything back, so I got really fed up and told him I'm breaking up with him, and that I tried to call because my niece passed away and I needed him... And still, haven't heard anything from him. The messages say "Delivered" but it usually says "Read" when he actually sees them. Do you think he's gonna return back to my messages and be there for me? Or he's just ignoring? I'm so lost...


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  • He is avoiding you. Don't waste your time with someone who doesn't even respect you enough to tell you that he doesn't want to be with you anymore. You deserve better than that and you should move on. Even if it's hard.

    • Thank you so much :) I will certainly try my best to move on. It is hard to feel worthless, but it shall pass. :)

  • I think he is avoiding you


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