Would you ever take an ex back?

Guys-- would you ever take a ex back, that you were engaged to, who you share kids with? And reason why the two of you broke up with her is that cheated on you with another guy by sleeping with that guy?
Why or why not would you take her back.
I meant would you ever go back to an ex who cheated on you..


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  • No, never. I mean she would have to show that she's a huge amount of change. You don't always get second chances, you don't always get to unfuck' things in life. Too much of trust gap to leap across honestly.

    • Thanks that is how I feel too as he did take her back only to break up with her again after 2-3 weeks. And why would you tell a gal your breaking up with that you like her a lot and add I mean a lot. And have her meet your kids and some of your family? And still want pics of her and you still send pics to her?

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  • No chance, she has no loyalty.
    And odds are she will do it again, cheaters have it in their character

    • I agree 100% as I've had it happen to me and I would never take a cheater back as I would never cheat on someone.

    • How are you Timmy? And how was your weekend?

  • The past is the past for a reason. No I would not go back to a cheating person. I've been down that road way too much.

  • Nope. Man must have at least a tiny bit of self respect and pride.

    • Thanks that's what I thought too as this guy I was seeing he was cheated on that way by his ex who he shares two kids with and she moved by him with the two kids and once I met her she tried breaking up and him and I think she succeeded as 3-4 weeks after I went to see him and his family and met the two kids that him and her share and her he broke up with me saying he wasn't falling in love with me and before she came he said he was close to saying I love you to me and we talked marriage and everything and when he was breaking up with me he said he liked me a lot and added I mean a lot. Is he very confused? Or what do you think? As I'd like to know a guys perspective on things. Thank you for your help so far. :-)

    • If anything it was for the kids. I can't imagine its for the ex.

    • K, why would he break up with a great gal who is drama free then? And tell the girl he dated whose drama free while he's breaking up with her I like you a lot and I mean a lot? And tells her he could see there future together when he first me her and when she met some of his family and few of his friends and when she met his kids?

  • by take u mean go back 2 her?

  • It depends on why we broke up.

    • That your ex cheated on you, your ex before your current one and the current one you broke up with them as you had massive headaches and gut pain for the past three days and thought they were telling you that you weren't falling in love with that person.

    • Oh a cheater. No I wouldn't

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