How do you get out of a relationship when love is blinding you, but you know it's gone to shit and it's unhealthy?


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  • @emerald77 gave you some very good advice I strongly agree with. Especially if the person is irrational and manipulative, sometimes your only choice is to get away first and then tell them in whatever form you're comfortable with that avoids all the drama they'll create in trying to convince you to stay with them.

    The fact you're aware the relationship is now unhealthy is a good indicator the initial rush of excitement and emotional bliss has been replaced with the reality of who that person really is and what you're are actually dealing with day to day. Sure, there's still some attraction and some aspects that are good, but when the bad starts outweighing the good, and either the other person has no desire to work on changing things, or you guys have tried and the outcome is still the same, it's time to close the book.

    I'm impressed you used words that didn't completely implicate the other person, but rather you're acknowledging the relationship just isn't working out for either one of you. This will help you process things much faster and you seem to be very rational about it.

    If you think he/she can handle the truth, then perhaps you can tell them in person. However, if you suspect he/she will act out like a child and become belligerent, before they start begging to give them another chance, then perhaps you should just get your things in order and they will figure it out.

    Good luck and trust your instincts.


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  • Love is not everything... if its unhealthy, get out. You can still be friendly... just more sane!

  • then u must follow yer head basically... otherwise...


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  • You have to pretty much just not think about it, just do it. And if you think it will be too hard to do it in person or their tears would make you change your mind, then do it through text. I know you shouldn't break up with someone through text, but sometimes it's necessary. Good luck!

  • First be sure that this is what you want and why.
    Have a list of what makes it unhealthy and be able to refer back to that when you feel the urge to call them after you have ended it.


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