We set a "break up date"?

Well my boyfriend and I have dated for 7 months, we knew we had an expiration date ever since we started dating because he's going to college.
we just set a date for next month where we would break up so we can spend the last moments together doing what we love doing together.
Have any of you guys done this before? Has it worked? It's going to hurt any way, but we also want to break up both before and after anything important so we aren't distracted with what we have to do because of the breakup. Lol


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  • I tried this, it ended up in a long distance relationship for a while then disaster.

    • We already agreed no long distance-but whatever happens happens ya know? Only makes you stronger

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    • He's going to be 2 and a half hours away

    • That's nothing you guys will be fine.

  • LOL... no... but woulf u remain friends at least?

    • Yeah that's why we did it. So we could end it on a high note. I'm going to the same college he is but a year after so ill probably see him again

    • hooray then!!! \O/

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