How do I tell him I wanna breakup?

I have been friends with this guy for years and years but we didn't talk MUCH. One day i decided to fall for him because i thought he might be a good person.. we recently started dating... i had a lot of hopes in mind that i will last long with him.. i started thinking about "US". we talk on text but he seems kinda busy at work and talks less which made me upset But then i thought maybe when we meet, he will talk to me but then he is the same. Plus he has no clue on how to treat his girlfriend.. on that day he was dragging me while walking even though he knew i was wearing heels..

On second date, we was watching movies in cinema then he started touching my breast and even wanted to touch other parts but i didn't let him and that behaviour of his has turned me off... He doesn't even care and hasn't shown me much affection but he is already trying to touch me Im not that type of girl.. im one of them girls that likes being treated like princess and not hoes or bitch i felt for him thinking about his personality but he just seems different in real life.. so guys i need some advice please.. its been a month now. i wanna end this relationship.. or should i stay?


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  • " I wanna break up. "

    • its not fair. i help answer everyones question.. i even take my time to help them but when it comes to my question.. there's only one answer.. i think i will delete my account

    • How lucky am I to be alerted.

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