Should I just leave her alone?

This is a lot so I'll try to keep it short OK me and this girl met in September because she kept giving me that look and stuff so we started talking In September she told me she didn't like the word love and that will I be able to handle her? and her mother died a few years ago so Ig that's y she acts like this we stayed friends until March but she wanted to take a break because of all the fussing the break lasted a week then we got back together and by the time our 1 month anniversary came we broke up cuz I had a problem with her not showing enough emotion she said she love me and she was ready for a relationship but i didn't see it so me having a short temper when I tried to leave her alone she kept testing me and saying that's y I broke up with u I called her some names Ik I'm wrong I should have just turned my phone off but last week I tried to give her sum space and get myself together she kept texting and texting me so I decided she must be want me still but she still wants to be friends even tho neither one of us really talks to anyone else she said she didn't want no other girl in my place I get it we fight alil too much but i really want her this week her and her cousin reminded me that she goes slow and i have to know how to deal with her I just forgot she was like that now it's almost time for school to be over and she said she might move she been through so much I wanna be the right person for her
I asked her do she think she will fall for me again she said its like she gonna have to think twice before doing it
Alright thanks


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  • Well put the effort into the relationship and things can work out for you and her. When was the last time you spoke to her?

    • Yesterday but how do i do that without coming on too strong

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    • Interested slightly lost? That's possible. If you want her back you can always get her back

    • How tho?

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