Do you think it's a good idea to sign a prenup?

Yes or no? And why?

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  • Nope, because it then makes the marriage go from "death do us part" to "if we have a fight, we'll separate"once you're married, it's done and done.

    Seriously people rush into marriage and don't realize the weight that they carry with that kind of commitment.

    • That's true; but then isn't it also true that sometimes a genuine situation does arise in SOME marriages where there is let's say, emotional abuse of some form, and then what?

      Prenups protect from tehse things

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  • Yes, especially because women are only trying to get your monies

    • Hmm you do realize that the prenup can be in the woman's favour too?

    • HA, when are the courts ever on the man's side?

  • I personally wish I didn't have to, but it seems like it has to be that way with the women that are around these days.

  • When it comes to divorce without a prenup not only to you have to worry about how to put your life back together, but now add lawyers to make things worse (who will instigate just to keep the case going that make more money that way) and mounds and mounds of paper work. Its hard enough to loose someone that you thought loved you, but now you will embarrass yourself by the way you act when you are scorned. I would do the prenup just to make sure I never have to go through dis-closer or those interrogatory questions ever again. Its a horrible process that a prenup will make it easier to swallow. It will only come into play if you get divorced coming from a person that went through divorce the next time I get married if it happens there will be a prenup.

  • That depends on your respective finances and family composition.

  • Insurance policy for failed marriage. Means a breakup is expected. Many state also will toss prenups anyway, Easily invalidated.


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