What do woman think of guys that are divorced?

Focused on newly divorced or during the separated phase of waiting for the divorce.


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  • As long as his moving on, it doesn't bother me


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  • Well, I wouldn't date someone in that situation right now. I'm not at a phase in my life where I can handle that kind of drama.

  • it'll make me curious and ill ask but of course I know its not always the guys fault! so it wouldn't make me think less of you

    • Ours relationship broke up after six years of marriage due to mostly communication issues. The comm issues starts with me being a male, but it also doesn't help that I work. Anytime I do try to start any conversation her mom which lived with us would steal it away from me. I don't fault her mother she was kind of pressured by her only daughter to come, she didn't speak really any English and her daughter my ex was her only person to talk to. When I get forced out too many times I would go back to spending the time with the daughter and then it lead to not really trying anymore. We share 50/50 with our little one so we are very cordial and now talk to each other more than we ever have. So which one of us is at fault? The question is with that situation how could someone want come in and date a guy like me? Or is this a complete turn off to females?

    • There doesn't always have to fault in a divorce. It sounds like your relationship just came to an end because it was not working anymore.
      On the subject of dating... you said recently divorced, how recently divorced? If it was within the last 6-12 months you are most likely not ready for serious relationship.
      And if a woman is not ok with you being divorced then she is not a woman for you to date because that is part of your history.

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