I need to do something, any help please?

So my brother has been married to this woman for like 5 years and now they want to get a divorce and literally the girl is crazy and everyone says that she gets jealous of everything, such as when my brother hangs out with me and my sister she was just insane and sure I am happy for him but it makes me want to cry seeing the struggle he has to go through I know it's tough when you known someone for that long because even I saw her as family and it's hard to see her not being a part of my family anymore, so my brothers moving out the house and he doesn't want to live with me and my mom and sis, dad because he says he just wants his own place... I really want to help him forget her what do I do?


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  • Be there for him

  • All you can do is be there for him. You could try helping him stay busy and occupied.


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