Have you had a relationship with someone but still have residual feelings for ex?

How did it go? Did you eventually forget your ex and continued the relationship with your current one.. or did the current relationship fail

I find residual feelings dangerous, but are they normal when you get into a relationship sometimes?


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  • Yes. I have been having feelings for an ex, even though it has been years since we have parted ways and I started a new relationship. It doesn't help me moving on when I see him everywhere. But it is kinda nice to see him around, and to know he looking well.

    • Wouldn't that be not fair for your current relationship?

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    • Not playing games, but there were lot of dramas. And she cheated and so we broke it off... She's single now. I want to be with her, but I dont want her. I know these are just nostalgas (good times) kickin in. But she's an exfor a reason

    • There is an exercise you can do. Most of the time people have a hard time moving on because all they think about is the good times. Everytime, she comes into your head, think of one of her negatives. E. g.- cheated on you, bad breath in the morning, gossip too much, created too much drama, etc. Your will start to think of her less and less ( because of the negitive associations) and hopefully you will be able to move on.

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  • For a while, but I focused on the future, not a girl from the past. Eventually it got to the stage where hindsight kicked in and I wondered why the fuck I was so infatuated with her. I have experienced nothing but positivity from moving on and not letting misplaced emotions cloud my judgment.

    • How long did it take you to realize?

    • It's varied for me. On a few occasions (after a bit of wishful thinking) I've realized the girl was a bit of a bitch and I've been right as rain in a few days. But once I was in deep in a LTR with this girl and it took me a year to get over her even though it was me who pulled the plug, however that was probably the relationship and break up that taught me the most.

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  • yes of course you will always care about your ex, but when you fall completely in love with your new gf/bf, your ex will just be good memories of the past. and when you see them some old feelings will come rushing back with a horrible wave or nostalgia when you think about how much you used to care, but it doesn't mean you want them back and it doesn't matter because you still completely love your current bf/gf

  • If someone still has feeling for their ex then they really shouldn't be getting into a relationship. Your just setting yourself up for failure. Not only that it really isn't fair for the other person they deserve someone who will give them their all.

  • never. no residue lol.


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