Meeting my ex girlfriend?

So my ex since a month and a half ago, has been calling me and wants to meet for coffee and talk about things. She told me on the phone the last time I talked to her which was yesterday that she just wants to be on good terms with me and keep me as a very good friend, she has no intentions of getting back togther and didn't want to lead me on. She has left voicemails saying she loves me but not in a romanitic way and that I'm her best friend. I phoned her back today about meeting up, I told her I could at the moment, which I then regreted because I wasn't ready (looking like shit and kinda sick), told her I had something on the stove, just wanted to think about things. She mentioned meeting Monday or Wednesday as well. I'm slightly confussed or don't know what to do for the lack of a better word. I'm stuck between wanting to see her because I still have feelings for her and want to see how she is, and the other side of me is telling me not to go because I will just get soft around her. My friends say I'm way to nice to this girl after everything she does. First of all she dumped me, then I blocked her on almost all social media beause I didn't want to be temped to look at her profiles, she called me so immature for doing that. And that three year oldes dont even do that. I just shut up and dont say anything because I dont want to regret something I've said to her. She speaks out of emotion all the time, mostly mad and says stupid shit about me when she's angry then apologiezes for it afterwards. Her goal is to be friends. I want to be friends because I dont want to loose her, but I dont want to deal with some of her stuff either. Not sure if I should go meet her?


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  • Sounds like someone I'd like to date...


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