My ex keeps silent after I ask him to get back together?

Guys, After 1mth break up, no contact, I ask my ex if he still love me. He said he'd think about it and answer me later. But he just keeps silent. Why

We broke up because I was over jealous and told him to break up. After 1 day I felt regret but he then told me he needs some space. Then we both decided to break up.
Hey, one more question. Should I sometime text him to have a friendly talk? Or I just wait until he comes to me?


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  • in my opinion I think you broke his heart and he's kind of mad and resentful for you dumping him but you have to give him more space there's no doubt that he still loves you because if he didn't he tell you know he doesn't love you I think after you dumped him him and his buddies got together then just like my buddies told me find somebody else move on forget about her meet some new people probably playing the field and using you as what door mat which is s***** but you guys love each other and trust each other and happy together then you would have really dumped him over jealousy so neither one are you guys are in the right time heals all wounds and he'll come back if he really loves you I was in the same boat a year and a half ago with my ex fiance she accuse me of cheating and put her hands on me but I dumped her because it hurts so much that someone accuse me of such a thing a couple weeks later I started dating somebody else two months later I don't them and got back together with my ex I only got in that relationship with the new girl because I was mad and hurt and wanted to get over it but in the end I love my fiance and the second I saw her after the breakup I knew it I dumped the new girl and got back together with my fiance

    • did your fiance do anything to show you that she wanna get back?

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    • Just goes to show love isn't always enough, stay on your toes stay self reliant COMMUNICATE always keep that spark going every single day. You never know when some home wrecker will snatch your man, dreams and future from you.

    • Hey, one question. Should I sometime text him to have a friendly talk? Or I just wait until he comes to me?

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  • He doesn't want to get back with you.
    Honestly, you should only get back together if the reason you guys broke up in the first place is eliminated completely.
    Maybe he realized he didn't want the relationship when you broke up with him? After spending that time apart?
    No Contact works both ways, it either makes you miss them or happy that you ditched them.

    Also, if he was interested, he would try to get back. Perhaps he wants to but he doesn't think it's right because the situation may repeat itself? It could be anything

    • so what should I do then? I really think that we can work this out..

    • regardless on whether or not you think you can work this out in the end it's going to take two of you to make this relationship work. like I said my relationship ended about a month ago with my fiance and I've been the only one trying to make it work and the only worry that I was concerned about was if and when we were going to make it work in the end I became the doormat to her new relationship just make sure this is something you both want like I said it takes two to make a relationship work not 50 50 you both have to give a hundred percent and not for the first month for the first 6 months this something you guys are going to have to work on for as long as you're together or eventually those old problems will surface and you'll be in the same boat just remember for as long as you're in a relationship everyday and everynight you both have to do something to push you forward never ever ever ever stop trying does the day you do you have set yourself up for failure

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