Guys, do you use long distance as an excuse to break up?

Or there normally is another reason (like you genuinely don't believe she's the one for you)?


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  • long distance can be a valid reason to break up, so I don't see many guys using it as an 'excuse'.

    I once had a long distance relationship and I did not break up over that. I know many couples cannot survive it though.

    • thanks for validating. just feeling kinda vulnerable here. wished we didn't have to be so far apart. wished we didn't have to end.

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    • Do you feel like you are both throwing a perfectly good friendship away?

    • Not really, we've promised to rebuild friendship once we're over each other. Right now it's just not a good time to pretend to be friends we still have romantic feelings lingering around. And that's the reason why I feel pretty vulnerable - it's so easy to keep going to the "what ifs". Sigh..

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  • Of course I do! You live down the street? I'm not walking down there to see you, and since no owns a car, it's over. The stress is too great.

  • I saw your picture. I am a 60 year old guy, in the US, and I have a girlfriend, and I don't go for chicks your age. . . but if I was younger and I was your boyfriend. there wouldn't be 15,000 miles between us! Not for long!

  • People use a million reasons to breakup.

    The bottom line: No one needs a reason.

    You're done when you're done. That's it.

    You have no obligation to explain this to anyone.

  • There are a lot of factors why long distance relationship is so hard..
    You dont get to see each other
    You meet a lot of people
    You're growing with a separate interest
    More of the same examples..
    Its about loyalty and communication to each other to work a LDR

  • Yes, absolutely. It's a perfectly valid excuse; long-distance relationships don't work.


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