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I need help.. You see, I want to end my relationship with my boyfriend but I was afraid of hurting him and my best friends. I'm afraid that all of them don't want to be my friend again. Because my best friends approve when me and him are together and I'm afraid he won't be my best friend anymore if I end our relationship.
I'm afraid my best friends will hate me and don't want to be my friend again
I'm afraid my boyfriend won't be my best friends again if I end our relationship
I'm afraid of hurting all of them.
Please Help Me.


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  • The way I see it, UnknownGurl, the Only One who is getting Hurt is You and everyone else is being satisfied because you are the One who is suffering in silence.
    You need to be this Honest John and not let this little charade be carried forth any longer. You need to sit your One half down and tell him straight out that you are Not ready for a Real Relationship and end the madness.
    You don't Owe Anyone else here, dear, including the Other side in the picture an explanation. When they would found out that it is over with you and him, they will either stick by your side as true blue friends till the end or end up.. fair weather friends with lame duck excuses for not wanting to get their own feet wet because they are mad hens after the storm has withered away.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me to lend a helping hand.:)) xxoo

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  • Talk to your friends about tell them why you want to end the relationship and talk to him ask him if y'all can talk, then gently just explain everything. Tell him you wanna stay friends but you don't see y'all being anymore or whatever the reason may be.

  • First of all you CAN'T be best friends after the break-up. Also, the more fucks you give, the more fucked you get.

  • If they're really your best friends, then they should understand your reasons behind it and still see and care for you the same way they did in the past.

    As for your boyfriend, I think you'll eventually have to accept that being best friends again is going to be really unlikely. Even just being friends might be asking for too much. It just depends on how he handles it. Try not to think about it. Try not to worry. The more you think, the more it will get to to you. It won't be easy but if you feel like you have to do it, don't be afraid to do so.


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  • If he isn't your best friend anymore because of that, then good riddance, who wants a friend like that? Someone who dumps you as easily as that? I wouldn't want a best friend like that. Why does your best friend care so much about who is your boyfriend? That is pretty strange. doesn't she want you to be happy? isn't that what best friends for each other?


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