How to forget ex boyfriend?

we were close and i kinda attached to him emotionally very much.
But i can see he show signs that he dont like me anymore
so i want to forget him, how to do that?


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  • First, be honest with yourself about your feelings. When you say "I kinda attached to him emotionally very much," it has a mixed message: you were "kinda" attached (some attachment had started to form) or you were "very much" attached (your attachment was firmly solidified.) Sometimes, you need to embrace your loss and cry all the tear inside of you before you can let go, so don't try to use denial and tell yourself he didn't mean that much to you.

    Reflect on the relationship and think about the positive things you learned from the experience. Determine why it went bad. Were there warning signs that you missed? Was it a relationship that was doomed from the beginning because of incompatibility issues which would surface sooner or later? Did either of you pretend to be different in the early stages of the relationship and the truth destroyed the relationship when it was finally revealed? Is there anything that you should have done differently

    Reflect on what would happen if you reunited. Be realistic. You would probably encounter the same problems that you had before. If you made up, wouldn't it just create the occasion for you to eventually break up again

    Finally, think about why you are feeling devastated. Did you misjudge him? Do you really feel that he is THE ONE and your life will never be complete without him? DO you feel insecure and question whether you will ever be able to attract another man? Are you afraid of being alone

    While you are engaged in this phase of getting over it, do NOT allow yourself to contact him, don't do things so that you "accidentally" run into him somewhere, don't drive by where he lives, or anything else that someone might call "stalkerish." Try to keep yourself busy and distracted because all of this reflecting and contemplation should occur in small bits and not all at once. Start a new activity, hobby, craft; take a long weekend getaway to leave town for a few days. Pamper yourself.

    Now, go meet a new guy!

    • he is much much older, and yes this relations wasn't something serious, and in the beginning i thought its just a short time affair, but we r already 2 years together, something kept us together for that long. I didn't want to, but i get attached to him. Maybe its even better for me, that he decided to go, cuz someone had to do it sooner or later

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  • No Contact, sweetie, and while you are at it, Block him from every media site and Anything that deals with him having your number. I have His Number and it is telling me, showing me as well, that the writing is on the wall and all that you deserve better, and with everything I have etched in stone here dear... you will Get better when you have moved on and have... written him off.
    Good luck. xx

    • thanks. yes i dont contact him, but still check my phone to see if maybe he wrote me or call me.

    • You are so welcome... Block him somehow so your own fingers do not do the walking. xxoo

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  • You don't forget a person. You accept and come in terms with those emotions.

    Then you go make new experiences with new people

  • time will fix that

  • Play with your boobies.

  • By finding someone else.


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