Girls, Inappropriate to tell an ex she looks good and to offer to buy her a drink?

I broke up with a woman last year because I thought she was a bit too much of a princess. She is not a bad person, however.

I saw her recently and I offered to buy her a drink because her birthday was coming up. I also told her that I thought she looked great. I wasn't trying to get back with her, but I don't what there too be bad blood between us.

Were my actions too much

Would the appropriate thing to do was to leave it a smile/wave

Thanks, ladies.
Thanks.. I never stated my intentions when I offered the drink. I simply offered. I did not hang around her the rest of the evening or followed up with a phone call/text.


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  • it's ok to offer to buy her a drink just know the boundary between friend and boy friend

  • No it wasn't to much as long as you were clear that you just wanted to be just friends.


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