What does my ex boyfriend mean by this? Why would he treat a woman like me like that?

We broke up almost 3 months ago and he posted this... Also a little background he cheated on me through out our relationship, and during the relationship he would act super arrogant and cocky then randomly he would say how it bothered him how "perfect" I was and that he thought I was too good for him. he also says that in the post as well... I'm so confused!!! I'm a VERY beautiful women, physically fit with a good job and I treated this man like king. Why would he treat a woman like me like that?

Here's the post;
I knew I loved you but I took you all for granted because of my stupid fantasies and fear of rejection. It's almost as though I believed it too good to be true. I was on my own for too long and had and will always have a wild imagination. I did what I did just to really see if there was someone else out there like you that would love me for me, I lived in a fantasy world. Nobody would or could ever love me like you did. And your right, as good as I was to you, I was never one hundred percent true or devoted. I didn't feel like I was lying, I looked at it like I was withholding the truth. I never gave you all of me. You loved me for me. Sorry for doubting you. I would say one thing and do the other. Sorry for not believing in what really mattered. I will always love you. I'm sorry for not giving it my all. I am learning now how to accept this situation and take it for what it is. I hope and pray that I learn from this. I risked it all but screwed it up and got hurt because of my own selfishness and desire to be secretive. Next time I'll devote all of me to the next right woman that comes along. God does everything for a reason. He took me out of your life for a reason. He knows you deserve better than me. See you in my dreams baby girl. I wish you happiness and joy.


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  • He didn't feel good enough for you, simple as that. Sometimes people cheat so they can be with someone who they feel is in their league, but they don't want to lose their "perfect" partner so they cheat. He "acted" cocky and arrogant to hide his evident insecurities.

    This post appears to be directed at you and is an indirect apology. He obviously feels guilty and is missing you, you should feel flattered.

    Also, being attractive and successful doesn't prevent people from treating you like shit. You don't receive better treatment just for those attributes and you shouldn't expect it otherwise you'll be utterly disappointed.


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