Can someone PLEASE tell me WHAT IS WRONG with my ex?

So me and this guy broke up a while ago but we stayed in touch and saw each other regularly for sex. A couple of months go by and his status on Facebook says he's "in a relationship" with some girl... but he kept seeing me for sex. So obviously I was not okay with being the other woman and I asked him about her and he confirmed that he had a girlfriend but that it wasn't a problem that we still saw each other. But I distanced myself after that because I didn't want him to cheat. THEN last night- after not seeing each other for over a month- he tells me that he has the house to himself and wants me to come over and keep him company for the night... so I agreed and left my house. Now this guy lives a good hour and half away since he moved back in with his parents, and he calls me after I had already left my house to tell me that his dad and just came home and that we have to meet up some other night. I had just drive 40 miles, I wasn't about to drive all the way back home... so I told him we could just chill tonight and have sex some other time. When I showed up at his house, I call him to let me in and he tells me to GO HOME and gets mad and says that I DELIBERATELY showed up at his house to get him kicked out again and that he was going to call the police and say that I was stalking him. WHOA WTF? He TOLD me to come over... THEN he says that if I knock on his door his dad will throw him out again and that he didn't want to see me and that I was trying to ruin his relationship. AGAIN, WHAT! After insulted me on the phone for an HOUR, he decides to let me in his house... but I had to "sneak in" through his window. HE'S 22 AND SNEAK GIRLS INTO HIS HOUSE! So I go in his room, punch him for being such an asshole and tell him that I wasn't going to stay after he wasted my time like that. BUT HE WOULDN'T LET ME LEAVE! He wanted to "talk" and basically kept me in his room for 3 hours while he told me that he loves me and that he's only said "i love you" to 3 people in his life and he talked about how he used to be crazy about me and how he's never been more attracted to anyone else... but THEN he tells me that he's leaving the country with his girlfriend to study abroad together. So at this point I had HAD IT with all his BULL and I asked him WHAT HE WANTED FROM ME! And he tells me that he wants me, but doesn't want to be with me, because he thinks his relationship with his girlfriend right now is better for him and that he "loves" her. and then he says he wants to stay friends and that he was mad I deleted him off my Facebook/MySpace. since it was such a big deal to him, I went home and re-friended him. THEN HE REJECTED MY FRIEND REQUESTS! I can't understand him and I'm going out of my brains! WHAT DOES HE WANT FROM ME! WHAT IS HE TRYING TO DO? I text him and asked him why he did that, but I didn't get a response. Why put me through all this? Can someone PLEASE tell what is WRONG WITH HIM?
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Can someone PLEASE tell me WHAT IS WRONG with my ex?
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