Do you miss your crush when you haven't seen them in a week or 2?

I get a little disheartened sometimes. How do you feel when your crush doesn't show up sometimes?


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  • Haven't seen my crush in 3 weeks 😔😢 it hurts so much

    • When you do finally see him.. how do you act around him

      Also would you be more inclined to ask him out or still nervous around him?

    • I'm not really nervous around him since we've already hung out three times, but since it's been so long I might be a little shy and cold at first. But then that passes after a while of talking and making me laugh.

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  • not at all... coz she'll still be in ma mind basically 8)


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  • I haven't met my crush for 4 days and i feel like crying in the corner eventhough i have his picture and contact ( but i'm too shy to talk to him )


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