Never got closure from ex/friend, it's driving me crazy?

So long story short, this guy and I used to be best friends. We dated for 3 years in highschool and realized we were better off as friends so called it quits and tried to go back to beingplatonic. There was a lot of sexual tension, we'd end up hooking up if both of us were single more times than I care to admit. The friendship slowly turned more and more toxic over the past yr, lots of verbal abuse from him & bitchy attitudes from me. I got into a serious relationship a year ago and he has yet to find another girlfriend, so I think there's a lot of jealousy on his end. (At least that's what my friends say.)
Anyway, we had a GIANT fight a few weeks ago and basically just stopped talking. It ended on very bad terms which is driving me crazy. I'm the kind of person who likes to end things right... in person, with a conversation/concrete closure. But he has been refusing to talk to me and pretending that I don't exist. Wtf is up with that? He's being such a child and it's pissing me off. I've tried to convince myself that closure doesn't matter, but it's not working. That's not the way I'm wired, I can't just pretend something never happened.
Some of my other friends were mean to him at first, tormenting/harassing him with messages and harmless pranks (when I found out about that I was not happy, and they've since stopped. But to be fair they were just trying to defend me because they saw how horribly he had been treating me.)
How can I get him to respond? I still have stuff of his that I want to give back to him and vice versa, but he won't even respond to me no matter what I say. It's really annoying, at this point I'm not even concerned with trying to "fix" the friendship, I just want to get closure so things aren't left on such horrible of terms. Is there anything I can do? I also want my stuff back. (We are 22 & both live with our parents so I can't exactly just show up at his house, I'd rather not drag the parents into this if you get my


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  • Well you should just move on. Closure is not going to make just moving on with your life any easier. Also there's no chance he's gonna want to talk since he probably thinks you put your friends up to harassing him. At 22 that is some serious juvenile shit on your friends part regardless of your toxic relationship with the guy.

  • It has nothing to do with being a child. The bottom line is no is obligated to provide us closure , explanations, or notice. We are all free to walk out at any time with or without reason


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  • Just throw his things away, he should do the same, don't call him he won't ever call you. For get you knew eachother it's for The best. There's no jealousy. Just bullshit between u two.

    • Be sure it's what u truly want, cause in a situation like this people don't normally come back, so if it is over let it be

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