I still can't cheer up, what should I do?

It's been a week since my guy friend's girlfriend made him block me. A month since he and I hung out like normal.. I'm seriously depressed but have actively been talking to other people/getting out.. But I still despise myself for losing this guy..


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  • You tried and it didn't work out. No shame in it. It's part of life.

    • Is there any point in life where loving someone authentically and deeply just works out? I feel like the second he said he loved me back he started to back away and expected us to be normal best friends again... I don't get that at all. He said once he thought i'd stray but im crazy over him so that seems like bs.

    • He can say whatever he wants. Whatever meaning or purpose you make of it is your business.
      Not his fault or obligation to oblige by.

      You tried it.
      it didn't work out for whatever reason.

      No what? You're going to cry about it for the rest of your life. No way... you have so much ahead.

      Go out. fall in love again. Meet as a many guys as u can. Enjoy sex. Discover yourself. Gurnee he will..

    • By the way

      No one makes anyone do anything. People make choices. And because they do , they are responsible for those choices.

      Women don't own and can't change men.
      Men don't own or can change women.

      Accept his own choices

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  • So you had a thing with a guy who had a girlfriend and you hate yourself for losing him? Hon' you never had him.

    In the short term get out of the house, get some sun, meet up with friends. Force yourself to go on dates. Workout, eat better, treat yourself better. Know you bring value to a relationship and will not share a man with anyone. Feeling good about yourself makes you look good on the outside and helps attract the right kind of people, not the kind of people that pray on other with low self-esteem.

    Go see a counselor and talk about you dating issues. They can help you form more healthy dating patterns and recognize the ones that aren't serving you.


    • He was always supposed to just be a friend. I fell for him and ruined the friendship. It's still a loss even if he wasn't a real boyfriend. I lost that friendship that had been really important from the beginning.

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  • Aw that blows. Talk to him in sneaky ways. Get walky talkies!

    • I guess he thought I was worth flirting with but not worth leaving the girlfriend for. So trying to get sneaky won't benefit me if he still only sees me as a toy.

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    • I'm damn better than what he has unless he's a chubby chaser. Which could be...

    • Ugh his girlfriend is fat? That's so fucking gross.

  • You didn't "lose" him though.

    • I lost my best friend in the least bit. But he did tell me I was the most important person in his life/that he loved me all of that but then backed off and let the girlfriend kick my butt to the curb

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    • I called him out all the time for treating me like a backup. I hope he doesn't try to use me as one later.

    • Well come up with a plan just in case

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