What should I do to get her back?

You know the phrase good people change in bad relationships? well I have Before I have dated my ex I have dated a very mentally insane girlfriend. My ex has been helping me out with that relationship a lot and in the end I ended up meeting up with her after my break up with my crazy ex. Yes, there were times I have unintentionally mentioned and compared her and many times where the past relationship made things sour. Because I spend about 7 months with my crazy ex I became very insensitive with everything and I haven't really thought about my ex’s feelings as I should of when it effected her. Before we broke up I have been looking miserable because I guess I was holding in something I should of told her earlier. This effected the relationship with out me really knowing. I have eventually told her my feelings things did clear up. I was ready to start fresh and actually try a lot more in this relationship but it was to late she said she was tried of everything. I made almost all of the deadly mistakes from getting her back. I wanted to show change but she won’t give me a chance I really don’t know what to do next. We ended up trying to be civil but she is still mad at me. Prom is coming up and I’m not sure if she’ll find someone else..


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  • Perhaps she was "crazy" because it was obvious u still had feelings & were talking about her to another female. That'd be the reason 99% of the time. Yo its foul to still have feelings for & talk to another female while in a relationship with someone else. You should not have driven another girl nuts thinking it was her fault. End of sermon.

    • Do you think there will be any chance I'm able to still be friends with her? its been about couple weeks, I heard time heals..

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  • Nothing, if you love someone set them free, if they return they'll be your forever if they don't, maybe they never were


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