He started liking someone else while we were together and then he broke up, why is this happening and how to cope with it?

Well he said he just doesn't feel the same anymore and that he wants to figure things out on his own. We were together for 3 years in a distance relationship and while things were going great I met a girl who was playing video games online with us, got pretty close to her and he also got close to her. She started flirting with him and he liked it but he didn't do anything he kept telling me nothing is going on. I cut her off but he continue playing with her sometimes. I would get pissed at him for that but I didn't want to exagurate. Few months later he breaks up with me and starts chasing her like there's no tomorrow. She is not interested though (she never was she was just having fun because she's a bitch) and that makes him want her even more. 3 months after the breakup he is still trying to get her. Don't ask me how I know. I asked him about her even after a breakup and he keeps saying he just does it for fun that he would never go into a distance relationship again (because she's also far away). Just to be clear, he did loved me. I wouldn't be with him this long if I felt bad, things were great until she came. I just can't accept that someone can be like that, how is he living with himself knowing what a pig he is? Maybe he did it because our honey moon phase was over and we got too comfortable with each other? He just said that he is tired of traveling. He still calls me though he wants us to stay friends. Did he leave me because of her?


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  • Because he can. People forget the bottom line. No one owes us an explanation, notice or legitimate reason to walk out.

    It may be cruel, but that's reality. he's free to do whatever he wants.
    you don't own him.

    The world is not fair. Delete that out of your head


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  • He doesn't respect your feelings and he's a pig so there's really no legitimate, solid, long lasting reason to desire or miss him. I find it difficult to believe he truly loved you with that behavior. No offense, but a man who truly loves you isn't going to dispose of you so he can chase after some other female who doesn't even want him.

    What you need to do is show yourself love by cutting him off and not giving him the honor and privilege of your presence. None of this "we're friend's" bullshit. The fuck you are! Friends don't LEAVE you, QUITTING, TURNING THEIR BACKS ON YOU, AND GIVING UP ON YOU so they can chase another person's ass. Friends have more respect for your feelings. He probably just wants to relieve his guilt by knowing that you guys are 'cool' with your 'friendship'. Cut him off for good.


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  • he left you because he's a dick. know your worth girl.

  • Not worth it. Move on and show him how strong you are.

    That's the best revenge you can give him.


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