What is really going on? Did he really love me? Why was I private n his new one is public? Does he still have feelings for me? Is she rebound?

Okay so I was in my first relationship for 8 months. We broke off mutually 10 days before our 9th. We didn't talk for a few days because I was pissed that he went days sometimes without saying hello to me during our 2 months school break where we didn't get to meet up. He did that despite being on9 and stuff. Despite me being mad he didn't bother texting me until the 3rd day. N then we decided to broke it off because we thought that we needed to focus on our school first. We admitted we still had feelings to one another. N not to be awkward. I admitted it was probably my fault for sulking but still he shouldve asked why right? Anyways we continued keeping in touch and we had some stuffs going on which needed us to work together so we got closer n flirted and it was as though we were still together. I was confused. But then suddenly one day he just stopped texting me after asking me what happens if he told me he likes someone else. N when I finally wondered whether that was the end of us he text me again as though nothing happened. But the next day he suddenly just ignored my text n blueticked my whatsapp and at night he was flirting with some other girl online. The girl was his close friend. How close im not sure but he used to say just friends. But anyways all this happened just 2 months after the break. And somehow he seems to be more in love with her and they r very public when before he wanted us to not be. N all of his social media statuses is about her even on those which she's not on. Even his profile picture is her. How come she's getting all that special treatment in a matter of a month. furthermore I know I was his longest relationship. But how is it im the longest n yet the least special. we have occasionaly awkward eye contacts. But i just can't read him. it all seemed to happen so quickly. One week we were still chatting the next a new girl appears. whats really goin on? did he never loved me? Is he really into her? How should i act around him? I feel played


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  • He's free to do whatever he wants with or without reason. That's the bottomline.

    It has nothing to do with loving you or u as a person

    It's just human freedom. This isn't a fair world. Delete that out of your head


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  • it is over... i am sorry...
    he was coward enough not to tell you that it is over... clearly you've wasted your time, but don't regret it. it was an experience, and you've made the mistake of trusting easily of letting him play you... learn from it, dust yourself and move on with dignity

    • You're saying it was over even before we ended? Which means he never loved me?

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  • It sounds like she was his girlfriend in the first place and you were the one he was keeping a secret. The best thing for you to do is to block him on all of your social media, ignore him, and block his number. Forget he ever happened and find a better hobby. You do NOT want to deal with this for longer than you need to, trust me :)


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