What are some signs my ex boyfriend may still like me?

I feel like I ask this question way too often but I still need an answer. Yes, this is an ex boyfriend question.

we've been broken up for about over a year now, we still see each other every single day at school, and we haven't spoke since we broke up but oddly he's always staring at me, and all I want to know is what are some signs he may still like me?
Please do not ask how we broke up


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  • what else does he do besides staring that made you think he still liked u?

    • That's all he really does, just stares. When ever he's talking or flirting with girls he just keeps looking at me. Recently we've laughed together and spoke one or two words but that's it. I'm just hoping he may still have feelings for me is all

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    • eventually.. he will either lose interest or just come up to you to say how he feels (if he feels anything at all). i dont suppose you approaching him is an option is it?

    • Not really 😥😞

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  • So this exact thing (almost) happened to me. My ex-boyfriend and I broke exactly a year ago as of next Friday . A month after we broke up he stopped talking to me. He has refused to speak to me for 11 months, but I still catch him staring at me. Or sometimes I swear I'll catch him say my name, or talk loudly just because I'm there. The thing is I can't tell if he likes me or if he's just trying to prove he doesn't need me.
    That wasn't an opinion so let me get to that part. I'd say that you should go up to him, say hello. Ask him out. Worse case scenario he says no and laughs at you, right? Well, then anything else is better than that. I know I'm not one to talk because I would never have the courage, but I can tell you that you should. You can ask as many people as you would like what they think, but you will never find out unless you ask him.

    • That's true but the worst case scenario is a lot worse than that 😪 he's the kind of boy who if something embarrassing happens or he feels like he needs to let everyone know, he will tell our whole year. Trust me word gets around fast 😂

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  • always starin at u's obviously a good sign... and it might b enough that it likes u basically.. ;-)


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  • Hey... Same goes to me..
    Did you break up with him or did he break up with you? It depends on the situation..

    • He broke up with me because he thought I was flirting with another guy

    • Owh.. then there is a possibility that he still likes you..

      For my situation,
      We broke up because his mom found out about our relationship and our school had gbr rules.

      So we broke up.. but we also didn't talk after the break up.. And everytime he stares at me I feel hurt.. but at the same time I know he still likes me.

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