Handling my ex girlfriend?

So my ex and I agreed to meet up soon and she keeps making dates to get it overwith as she has specificly told me. The last two I have been busy for and today she planned another one. She tells me a date she is free then asks me to tell her if I can make it or not. I didn't want to respond last night so texted her this moring, which she got upset about. Then called me multipe times. I picked up and she's like wtf. I'm helping my dad around the house and dont really want to meet up with her quite yet (didn't say that). She was saying every date she's made I've blown her off, which I can understand where she's coming from, but this girl broke up with me a month ago and wants to be on good terms and good friends. So on the phone with her today she's like wtf and I'm joking with her saying we can do it another time, I'm not blowing her off, we can do it next week if were busy... whenever. So were having a normal conversation until she brings up her Pre-Prom party. She's done this before and I just listen until I told a few people about it the other day including my parents and they're like wow dude she's, basiclly rubbing in your face how good her party is going to be that you were supposed to be going to and prom until she dumped you. I think back and I'm like wow. So I told her on the phone as she was about to talk about it that I dont wanna hear about it, she just paused was like wow and the said ok gotta go asshole. Almost always a convo that doesn't go her way ends with calling me a name then apollogizing afterwards. Two minutes later I get a text saying how she feels put down everytime I talk to her, and how she doesn't want to meet up anymore. She doesn't want to be friends with someone who keeps blowing her off. And to have a nice life.
I dont want be be friends with someone who talks about there plans that I was going to be a part of. I dont know if I should text her back and say that? Should I call her and say it? Tell her we shouldn't be friends? IDK? Advice!


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  • Duuuuuude! I totally understand where you're coming from... The same thing happened to a guy friend of mine and I'm gonna tell you the same thing I told him... do NOT text her back! If she wants to be immature and have a fit, let her... If what you're feeling is real, then I suggest you wait 'till she messages YOU first... I honestly believe telling some one face to face is the best way to go, but if you can't do that, ask if you can talk to her on the phone and just spill... it... out...


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